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caty marie
4 February 1988
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This is my e.d. journal, if you do not want to hear about it, don't add me. The end.
[old] horror movies, abercrombie & fitch, airplanes, april showers, autumn, black and white photography/films, bridges, bubble baths, bubble wrap, carmex, caves, classic rock, cloud watching, coconuts, confetti, cynical humor, dancing, dinosaur comics, dresses, driving (fast), dry erase markers, easter bunnies, falling stars, fasting, fire, flickerball, foreign accents, fraggle rock, free stuff, french manicures, freshly fallen snow, friends, gay pride, glitter, golf shoes, grass clippings, haircuts, handcuffs, handwritten letters, heartfelt cards, hip bones, homestar runner, hop scotch, humming, jumping rope, lagoons, lip gloss, losing weight, love, lust, make believing, may flowers, mittens, museums, music, musty basement smell, neopolitan ice cream, new car smell, palm trees, people watching, permanent markers, pictures, pigtails, pineapple, pirates, plaid, poetry, rain, rainbows, reading, remembering things, running through sprinklers, running through the woods, scarves, scrapbooks, serious conversations, sexual innuendos, shadows, shallow streams, shiny stuff, shopping, silent films, singing, skinny-ness, skipping, sleeping, soup commercials, squirrels crossing telephone wires, string cheese, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, surprises, swinging, swooning, taking pictures, the [atlantic] ocean, the word 'indubitably', thinspiration, thunderstorms, tropical fish, tunnels, unexpected gifts, vintage (furniture clothes whatnot), warm fuzzy blankets, waterfalls, weeping willow trees, whistling, wild flowers, wishing, writing.